AquaOx Whole House Water FilterWhole House Water Filtration System

Have you ever thought about what is floating around in your tap water, why a tub full of water looks brown or why your skin and hair feel a certain way when you get out of the shower? You more than likely are having the same problem that millions of Americans are having: contaminated water. Where you are on municipal water supply or on well water, you probably have chlorine, TTHMs, VOCs, Lead, Mercury in your water or you might even be aware of your water tasting like rotten eggs. One Call Plumbing has vetted many whole house water filters. One popular choice is the AquaOx has a 6 stage filtration process, simple in/out installation and generous portions of filtration media make it, as they say, the best water filter on the market. It lasts 20+ years, has no replacement filters and gives you better than bottled water from every faucet.

Ask us for more information and our special discount on the AquaOx or if you have to have it now, you can purchase on their website.