Drain Field and Septic Repair


Septic issues are some of the most stressful types of problems you can encounter at your home or business. Not only can these issues lead to malfunctioning amenities, but they can result in odors and lawn damage as well. There are many types of issues that could be the cause of problems like this, but two of the most common are a malfunctioning tank or a faulty drain field. Pumping a septic tank when these problems exist does little good. While we do not provide that service, we do repair all makes and models of septic tanks and drain fields. By working with our organization, each customer can get the repairs they need in accordance with their budget and schedule.

Understanding How Drain Fields/Septic Tanks Work

Most people have a basic understanding of the main parts used in septic and sewage systems. A septic tank needs to be sturdy and reliably attached to all appropriate lines in order for drainage to work properly. However, another important function is also being performed by a fully-functional sewage system: filtration. Filtering out waste water is the job of the drain field, an important but lesser-known part of modern sewage systems. When the drain field becomes impenetrable and cannot absorb and filter water, common issues like odors and lawn damage occur. Getting speedy repairs is vital for making sure these problems do not grow worse.

Speedy Repairs in Line With Your Schedule

A problem with a septic drain field can be very frustrating, and waiting to get a resolution only makes the problem worse. During instances like these odors and lawn damage can grow worse overtime. Septic issues do not always occur during standard business hours, and we pride ourselves on providing a resolution that works with your schedule.

Credible Septic Tank and Drain Field Repair

Given that septic tanks are such an important component to any sewer system, it is important to get repairs you can depend on. One Call Plumbing is a licensed, bonded, and insured organization with over 20 years of experience in the industry. These types of repairs can sometimes cause homeowners and business owners to worry about costs. We will provide reliable estimates before beginning any job and will not charge any extra or surprise fees. Don’t let a faulty septic tank or drain field cause you grief; call the company that is dedicated to providing solutions customized to your unique needs!