At One Call Plumbing, the Sewer Camera has become one of the most used pieces of Drain Service Equipment, so we put one on every truck!! These high quality sewer cameras allow for a visual, color inspection of sewer lines, drain pipes or any tube/conduit type structure that is underground, under concrete, in walls or otherwise not accessible for inspection from the outside pipe.


How it Works:

Your One Call Plumbing Technician will insert the flexible, Kevlar push rod equipped with a High resolution video camera and 512 HZ locator sonde into the pipe to be inspected. A line feed of the camera’s view will be on the screen at point of entry for viewing and navigation of the pipe. All video footage can be recorded on USB or DVD for your records and/or future viewing. Location is key. Once the faults or defects are found, the video feed will record via its built in footage counter and the 512 HZ transmitter sonde will allow your One Call Plumbing Technician to pinpoint above ground exactly where the fault is using a Locator Wand and how deep it is underground!


NO guesswork!!

No more repeat clogging pipes due to unknown condition of the pipe.

No more “search and destroy missions” to find the cause of the clog.

No more worry about drain clogs or “hoping they got it this time”.


When to use Video Camera pipe inspection

  • Repeat problem, same pipe or part of the drain system
  • Slow, sluggish drains or gurgling drains
  • New Home purchase or Pre-purchase inspection
  • Locate “lost” septic tanks or drain pipes
  • Before construction, addition to home or yard to prevent damage
  • Lost retrieval of valuables (keys, jewelry, etc.)
  • Rescue pets that have gotten stuck in pipes
  • Sewer gas odor or smell

For many other uses, call to speak to a professional today to see if we can help!!