Are leaking pipes causing you to LOSE MONEY on a High Water Bill?

                                   One Call Plumbing is here to Help!

One Call Plumbing is your Locally Owned Greenville and Spartanburg Leak Detection Experts- Call to Schedule Today!!

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High water bills, hard to find leaks, leaks under slabs of your home, leaks under driveways, even leaks underground in the yard can all be hard to find QUICKLY and WITHOUT DAMAGING your property. We have several methods of Leak Detection to find your leaking pipe…. Your One Call Plumbing Technician will meet you at the site to evaluate which method will work best for your specific situation.


Once the leak is found, we will discuss the various methods of repair to correct the leak quickly and correctly and may be able to utilize our “Trenchless” pipe repair/replacement equipment!!


One Call Plumbing – The “One Call” to make for all your plumbing needs