Hydro Jett Service or High Pressure Water Jetting

Why just “open” your drain, when you can CLEAN IT?

hydrojet pluming - pressure washer sewer

Cable machines have been used for over 50 years to unclog drain lines and in some cases, still are the best method…however…High-pressure water jetting can do what cables and augers cannot, completely clean the drain pipe!

Sludge, slime, grease, goop, sediment, scale build up and roots are the most common causes of drain blockages. A cable or auger will go down the drain pipe and break the dam of debris out of the way to restore flow and allow the backed up drain pipe to "drain down”. But that’s not good. All the sludge, slime, grease, goop, sediment, scale build up, roots and any “waste” that was added while the clog was forming are still in the pipe and on the walls of the pipe, which often causes it to back up again. High-pressure water jetting will restore the drain pipe to “full flow operation” by pressure washing the walls of the pipe, from the beginning to the end, to liquify, remove and flush out all the clog causing debris and leave your pipe back to its original full diameter.

Roots are another story. Cables and augers will go down to cut, mangle and twist around the roots that dammed up the drain pipes flow, but they cannot remove them 100% due to their limitations. Even the best cable, blades and operator will not be able to get 100% of the roots out of the pipe. Typically, ½” to 1” of the root is still protruding into the pipe (due to the blade size being smaller than the pipe size, frictional requirement), which may cause another blockage. This will absolutely allow the root to continue its growth in the nutrient-rich water it is seeking and cause more problems in the near future.

Hydro Jetting Cleans Where Other Drain Cleaners Can't

IMG_20160110_170923528 IMG_20160110_170734113

Hydro jetting does not have any diameter restrictions because it uses calibrated “jets” of water at precise angles and PSI to cut, scour and clean the full diameter of the pipe. Just like the sludge, scale build up, etc, this allows the water jets to cut the root off flush with the interior pipe wall, giving it “full flow”. Once the root is completely cut out, your One Call Plumbing technician will perform a quick sewer camera inspection on the inside of the pipe.

This will show not only it being completely gone but also help determine if the roots can be prevented in the future with a Root Treatment or if a Permanent Trenchless Repair or Pipe Lining would be the best recommendation. In some cases, the best solution for a permanent pipe repair will be a Sewer Excavation or Sewer Replacement. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, your One Call Plumbing Technician needs to Clean the drain FIRST!!


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