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8 Most Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems are not rare in a household, commercial buildings, or even workspaces. These problems could be a mild disturbance to drastic damages in your business. With this, we should be able to have an immediate solution to the small plumbing problems we could encounter at home. Users of various media platforms upload many DIYs and instructional videos online to give people a walk-through with the basics of plumbing and how to manage simple reoccurring issues of your water pipes, drainage systems, and the likes. 

But before dealing with your plumbing issues and calling your trusted plumbing services provider, you should be able to identify the common plumbing problems that could occur in your home, business place, and commercial areas. This could help you use your best judgment of calling a professional for help or browsing on the internet to give you instructions on how you could do it.

Here are the 8 most common plumbing problems you could encounter: 

1.  Your Faucet Is Dripping

Is the noise of the water dripping from your faucet irritates you through the night? Well, almost all people have encountered this prevalent problem of dripping faucets. But do you need to call a professional to do it? Certainly, it is more advisable to call for plumbing services than inventing your way to fix your faucet. The problem with your faucet is usually caused by a worn-out 0 ring or improper faucet installation. 

You could properly install your faucet to stop its leaking by using a screwdriver to tighten the screw that mounts the handle to the stem, or you could reinstall a new 0 ring if the current 0 ring was the problem. If dripping still occurs, you should call for a professional to fix it, as it could contribute to an increased water bill!

2. Your Pipe Is Leaking 

All people would know that this would be the 2nd on the list. Leaking pipes might be the least of your problems as it was not as grandiose as other plumbing issues you’ve had, but that depends on the position of the leaking pipe. If the pipe was installed inside your houses, especially in big industrial and commercial buildings and establishments, it could cause a great disturbance and even damage other properties inside the infrastructure—not to mention the amount of water leaking pipes could waste, that would cost you a lot of money. 

Luckily, one could deal with leaky pipes easily; but that depends on how big the leak is and what kind of pipe is leaking. Small pipes used at home could be fixed using a sealant if there’s hardly any damage you could observe, but with big industrial ones, you might need to call r most reliable plumbing service provider, and call them fast!

3. Your Drain Is Clogged 

Clogging drains usually occur because the left-over foods washed away while washing the dishes. These small fragments of food could slowly pile into your drainage pipes that could cause clogging.

Remedies like pouring hot water and using pressure to forcefully push the cause of clogging are the most famous myths to handle your drain clog problem. But sometimes, when the cause of clogging was too big and too hard, these remedies won’t be enough to help you. When this happened, contact a plumbing service to unclog your drains for safer and efficient removal. 

4. Your Hose Bibb Is Leaking

The probability of your hose bibb leaking rises during summer and winter. When the temperature rises and falls, so does the temperature of your tap water. This could cause the metal to weaken, which makes it prone to cracks, breakage, and damage- especially when it doesn’t have enough protection to withstand the drastic temperature changes. 

When this occurs, call your plumbing services to repair or replace your damaged hose bibb. Experts also recommend that you use frost-proof hose bibb for a more durable and sustainable hose bibb that could last for years. 

5. Water Heater Problems

A water heater is a necessity in some countries. Water heater problems like its incapacity to provide enough heat could be a total nuisance when taking a bath or even a quick shower. When you have noticed a small problem concerning your water heater, contact the plumbing service immediately, this could save your water heater’s life from more problems and issues. 

6.  Your Toilet Is Clogged

Clogged toilets are usual, especially when there’s a problem with your toilet’s drainage and pumping system. Sometimes, a toilet pump is enough to deal with this problem, but often this could be a band-aid solution to much bigger problems you cannot see. 

For a repetitive problem of your toilet clogging, be sure to seek help from professional plumbers to check for other issues that you might be missing.

7. The Water Pressure Is Low 

Does your faucet produce a small amount of water than before? Maybe the problem was the water pressure. This could be a result of broken and worn-out pipes which are prevalent in old homes and establishments. You might need to replace your pipes with new ones for more efficient and cost-saving purposes. 

If the problem occurs in your shower—build-ups on your aerators might be one of the problems. Try to clean it and see if cleaning these sediments could help. If the problem still occurs, call professionals to check up your shower—maybe you need to repair or replace some materials.

8. Your Toilet Is Running 

Caused by worn-out or damaged flapper valves, your toilet might run- which could cost you a lot in your water bill. In these cases, you have to immediately call for trusted plumbing services to repair your toilet as soon as possible. This would save you money and could potentially control further damage to your toilet. 

While it is good to have basic knowledge in plumbing, such as repairing small damages to your faucet or pipes, it is most advisable to seek for a professional plumbing services provider to address the other underlying plumbing problems you cannot see. So, do not hesitate to call for professionals, as it could potentially save your time, effort, and money!